From Test Words You Should Know:

          The English language is a complex one and we, as a society, tend to be lazy when it comes to language. This is not necessarily a bad thing. This way of speaking gives our language color and flavor. However, laziness and colloquialisms (look it up if you need to; it's in the main body of the text!) have no place in formal essays. If you are writing for the SAT or the GRE, the testers expect you to be able to write the way the language is supposed to be used, not the way it is used in everyday conversation.
          This appendix will address some of the more common mistakes made with both words and grammar. Perhaps these are not the mistakes you make. You should still be aware of them and let them be a guide to help you figure out what mistakes you might make.


Corporate America is more complex than ever. No longer is the business world only the domain of large corporations and Fortune 500 companies. With the explosion of the internet, home-based retail and late-night infomercials, it seems everyone has their own business. The evolution of business has led, inexorably, to the evolution of the language of business. Priorities are shifting; concepts are expanding. A whole new language is developing.
Business Words You Should Know addresses the language of the marketplace by explaining words and concepts in easy to understand definitions. If your company is located on the top floor on Wall Street or a spare bedroom on Main Street, the goal is the same: success. With the language clarified and the concepts clearly stated, success is easier to achieve. No longer will your staff struggle to understand a concept or find themselves misunderstanding each other. 10X change is no longer an obscure concept but a real, definable, achievable goal. The annual report will never be confused with the 10Q report and the necessity of both, unquestioned.
Designed to be used as a reference for an entire department or a single student, Business Words You Should Know can become one of the most valuable tools in any business person's library. The twenty-two different categories of business focused on in the book range from business literacy to vision, ensuring that in whatever stage of business you find yourself, the information you need is at your fingertips. Corporate America is changing rapidly. Business Words You Should Know is your guide for keeping pace.